Monday, February 28, 2011

op2 Osmeña Peak
        Mantalongon is one of the barangay of Dalaguete, Cebu. It is well-knowned for the fresh vegetables that every costumers here in the city wants to buy with. That's why Dalaguete is very popular with the "Utanon Festival" that will be celebrated every 10th of February of the year. Aside from being abundant of fresh vegetables, it has many amazing spots that are scattered from different barangay of Mantalongon and that most local and even tourist people want to experienced the real beauty of Mantalongon. Some of these are Osmeña Peak, Kulabyaw Cave, Mahangin, Cristo Rey, Scary ride down.

The peak is part of the Mantalongon mountain ranges, which is unique from other mountain ranges in the of Mantalungon. Utanon is the Cebuano word for vegetables. Many locals and foreign tourists visit the village during summer because of its cool climate.
Philippines because of its multiple jagged hills grouped together that overlooks and stretches as far as the Badian shorelines. The highest of these hills is the Osmeña Peak named in honor of the famous Osmeña clan in Cebu.

         Mantalongon is also baptized as the "Little Baguio of Cebu", because of the cold environment You can really feel hat you are in the real Baguio. So as the growing youth of Mantalongon, I am inviting everyone to visit the Little Baguio of Cebu, " Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu".  

uf Osmeña Peak The road to Mantalongon is so dusty that by the end of your trip, your black pants would have turned gray and the area around your eyes not covered by your glasses would have produced an ugly mix of sweat and dust.
Yes, the trip was long and rocky but everything was all worth it when you’re moving at the back of the amazingly beautiful mountains of Dalaguete.

 The Mountains of Dalaguete

 It’s amazing how they cut through these rocks 
to make roads.The amazing forest of Mantalongon.